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Be your own style Icon with Ikonic Jewellers

“Ikonic gems is proud to hold its esteemed reputation as an independent hand-crafted jewelry designer and manufacturer. With improved collections of patterns displaying richness and couture, it’s a great balance of making the most suitable fashion-forward appears and preserving the integrity of the classics. With concepts coming from around the world, it’s far with passion and an eye focused on even the slightest details Ikonic gemstones takes to the heart the importance of each piece added to each collection.”

Responsible Mining of gemstones

The story of Ikonic Jewellery begins with the belief that fine craftsmanship starts with responsibly sourced high-quality raw materials and gemstones.   Carefully hand crafted creation of the final piece of jewelry comes to you with the metals and gemstones which are sourced from the most rural mines and from recycled materials.

At Ikoninic Jewellers, we are committed to better understanding the social,  economic and environmental impact of the mining and processing of precious materials so that we can create the best final product to our valued customer.

positive change along the supply chain, all the way from the mine to our customers.

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